We believe in a more conscious and compassionate humanity. By fostering self-awareness, life skills, mental health and human connection through mindfulness practice, we can relate more peacefully to ourselves, to our fellow humans and to the world we live in. We thus passionately promote sustainable peace education that flourishes from the inside out.


As an international NGO we seek to establish mindfulness practice as an accessible, practical and effective peace education and peacebuilding strategy. We therefore develop, implement, validate, systematize and disseminate mindfulness-based interventions and training programs for diverse target groups worldwide.


A mental training and personal development practice that fosters kind and caring self-observation to deepen our presence and awareness. It has a millenary tradition and is solidly based in modern science with more than 700 peer-reviewed papers published annually documenting its diverse applications and benefits.

Our Approach

We seek to be a living example of mindfulness practice by applying its teachings, principles and attitudes in all aspects of our work, both inwards (operational team, national chapters) as well as outwards (beneficiaries, partner organizations). Deep caring for the people of our community is the centerpiece of our approach.

How we work

We provide direct program implementation, build capacity through training, offer technical assistance and cooperate with diverse partner organizations and institutions. We also set up, train and support national chapters who represent and carry out our vision and programs in specific countries.


Born in Colombia as RESPIRA, our programs are currently reaching countries of the Global North, with the wish to spread "back" to the Global South. It is a two-way cooperation and learning process with an inspiring insight: Whoever we are and wherever we live, we are all human with a deep desire for peace and personal wellbeing.

Sustainable peacebuilding from the inside out by promoting:


Opening up to new perspectives about who we are

Encouraging consciousness about our own being: about our lives, needs, desires, emotions, behavior, values, visions, habits, strengths and struggles. Becoming aware of how we relate to ourselves through our body and the observation of the mind.


Strengthening the resources we need to direct our lives

Developing practical life skills such as our intentional presence and focus, emotional awareness, or resilience and self-regulation in the face of difficulties. Using these skills as a driver for conscious decision-making and self-directed personal growth. 


Feeling comfortable with ourselves

Strengthening physical and mental wellbeing through healthier stress management, self-care practices and the healing of trauma; fostering a sense of inner calm and harmony; developing greater self-compassion and connection to life; and rediscover joy, purpose and inner freedom.


Feeling at home in our shared humanity

Nurturing empathy, compassion and care for ourselves and others, developing active listening skills to connect more deeply as well as building and maintaining healthy human relationships in all domains of our lives. Learning to see our commonalities before our differences. 


Matthias Rüst

Matthias Rüst Portrait

Matthias is passionate about visioning and creating trainings and programs. Connecting his peace education background with his personal meditation practice he founded BREATHE in Education together with Paula in 2013, which kicked off the continuously growing RESPIRA movement. After eight years in Colombia, Matthias is returning to Switzerland where he also directs our local partner organization. He is certified MBSR Teacher with the UCSD Center for Mindfulness and Positive Discipline Classroom and Parent Educator (PDA). He is married and proud father of two small boys.

Paula Ramírez


Paula believes in the importance of promoting self-care for humanitarian actors. Studying anthropology and experiencing an auto-immune illness, she started to be curious about ways in which human beings can build peace from within, and how resilience and healing could be inspired and guided through the body. Paula has been co-directing RESPIRA since 2013, working closely with teachers and survivors of torture, GBV and landmines in Colombia and South Sudan. She is an MBSR-Teacher from the UCSD Center for Mindfulness and TCTSY-Facilitator from the Trauma Center.

Sofyen Khalfaoui


Through his personal and professional path, Sofyen has always been committed to programs dedicated to human being’s protection and wellbeing. His humanitarian engagement first took him to work with NGOs and the UN in Africa and the Middle East, managing Education in Emergencies and Child Protection projects. After several years of field-based experience, he returned to Switzerland to lead the Protection program of Save the Children Switzerland. Sofyen is practicing Vipassana meditation and develops theatre projects addressing questions of trauma and resilience.


Allan Goldstein

Allan Goldstein

Senior Advisor on the Leadership Team & Former Managing Director of the University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness, Co-Founder and Faculty of their Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute (UCSD-MBPTI), MBSR Mentorship and Teacher Trainer.

Bob Stahl, PhD


Senior MBSR Teacher & Teacher Trainer at University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness and Brown University's Mindfulness Center, guiding teacher at Insight Santa Cruz and visiting teacher at Spirit Rock, founder of eight MBSR programs in medical centers in Northern California.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD


Founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Professor of Medicine emeritus, and a leading figure in the mainstreaming of mindfulness practices and principles since 1979.